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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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I'm 95% sure you two are the same person.
This is the meanest flame I've ever received .

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Exactly. Just because something is immensely popular doesn't mean that you have to hate it. I remember being 20 and feeling giddy that I was going against the flow and liking all kinds of very unpopular stuff, and then I learned to think for myself.

Honestly, you're a smart kid, I'm sure you realize that making a film today so that it looks like a twenty-year old television series is not only improbable, but also not the best or the most creative approach one could take.
People can like whatever. Saying something is good because lots of people watch it and bad because not many people watch it is sheep-like and thoughtless behaviour though. It's literally just following what other people think.

The general public don't care about Star Trek, or sci-fi in general, much and that's been the case since the original series was abruptly cancelled before it even finished its 5 year mission. Is TOS crap because it got cancelled?

In fact, don't even answer that.

TNG is the only Star Trek series which was a huge mainstream success during airing. Would that cause My Name Is Legion to claim it is the only good Star Trek series? Of course not. Then the spin would completely change gears.
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