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A parade of spaceships...

A little something non Trek and to keep myself into a different kind of modelling. And, yes, I'm still working on the TOS shuttlecraft.

Awhile ago I picked up the wonderful Spaceship Handbook reference book as well as its companion the Saucer Fleet. My imagination was stirred by quite a few of those ships. In truth I know I will never have actual physical models of all those ships although I believe I will build kits of perhaps a handful of them.

That said there is nothing stopping me from making 3D models of the ones I find most interesting and appealing. Certainly one of them will be the Rocketship Galileo which I can't help but notice looks like it could have inspired Space Ghost's Phantom Cruiser.

Starting off this parade will be the Spaceship Friede (pronounced Freeda) from Fritz Lang's 1929 film Die Frau im Mond (The Woman in the Moon). I find this ship interesting for two reasons. Firstly, of course, I simply like the look of it. It has an elemental look without looking silly. Secondly is learning how much thought actually went into its design. While its depiction onscreen might be charming by today's standards it actually got a lot of basic ideas right. And when the creators make that much effort even if they do take some creative licence (the essence of good SF I think) then you can forgive a lot.

Here's a scan of the model/ship from the Spaceship Handbook and it's from this I'll be working. It's interesting to note that like so many other fictional spacecraft that will follow in ensuing decades that there were differences between the filming miniature and the fullsize mockup used---and we have certainly seen that happen time and time again.

Stay tuned...
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