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Re: Maybe the Villian Was Originally Khan?

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Making arguments on a casual fan site is NOT a requirement. Never has been.

I can't speak for Dennis, but if I were to constantly engage in "arguments" as you seem to enjoy so much, it would be far too much like my job. On occasion, I engage in a hearty "formal" argument (though usually in the forum most conducive, topic-wise, for it) but mostly I come here to relax and shoot the breeze, as I suspect do most people. If formal arguments are your thing, great. But it isn't the primary purpose of this place. Nor, frankly, does the membership of the board require periodic "lessons" on "proper forms and conventions of arguments". IF necessary, much of that membership can do it reasonably well (do note the "IF").
Pretty much. It's a waste of my time to take the kinds of nonsensical assertions that are made around here regarding matters of taste and opinion seriously enough to do more than bat the shuttlecock back across the net occasionally.
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