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Re: Patrick Stewart, Leonard Nimoy on NRA Enemy List

Interesting tactic to draw attnetion to those organisations and people that don't support your viewpoint.

Besides what ever happened to "Whilst I disagree with your viewpoint, I respect your right to hold that viewpoint"

The US 1st Ammendment deals with free speech, and yes that does include saying perhaps we should look at guns (or whatever the issue of the day is). The US constitution is fully open to being ammended, sure it might be difficult to do so but it can be ammended. Now of course no one is really talking about repealing the US 2nd Ammendment just regulating certain types of firearms.

The danager in holding viewpoints on the ends of a debate is that you can alienate a large grop of people. i.e in the gun debate the ends would be repleaing the 2nd Ammendment and having a free for all on guns. A lot of people might be somewhat neutral on the issue but should either side push their viewpoint to far they might come off as an extremists. There by pushing many of the nuetrals towards supporting the opposite of their own viewpoint.
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