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Re: Starfleet Command Insignia

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IOW, the "ships all have their own insignia" was a ret-conned explanation by the producers to rationalize away inconsistencies and mistakes in TOS.
That pretty much blows a whole bunch of "canon" out of the water.
It's neither a retroactive continuity nor a "mistake" but a changed premise to which the original producers were fully entitled to. And I fail to see where this "blows a whole bunch of canon out of the water" as there have been rationalizations during this thread how to explain these minor discrepancies.

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It also helps to explain the establishment of the delta as the Starfleet emblem in ST:TMP - Roddenberry was actually reestablishing what he and the other producers had intended to be the status quo from the beginning.
Interesting theory. But it fails to explain why the Starfleet emblem (the arrowhead seen on the TOS engineering hull of the Enterprise and the shuttlecraft, and as a wall sculpture in the background of subspace broadcasts) no longer decorated the engineering hull of the movie Enterprise.

By 1979 the Enterprise's delta had become a trademark for Star Trek, so rather than to re-establish some "in-universe" continuity I think Gene Roddenberry wanted to tell the audience, that this is Star Trek, not Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica.

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