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Re: (SPOILERS!) About the SuperBowl Trailer...

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When I saw the trailer for ST 2009 I had no idea that was Vulcan being destroyed. I thought it was Romulus since I'd heard that it was destroyed in the film.
Yeah, the trailer was non-specific as to which planet was being sucked up by the black hole. I didn't know about Vulcan until I watched the film.

As for the Big E being destroyed, my money would be on no. Part of the mythology of Star Trek is that the Enterprise always gets them home, no matter what. It took twenty years for the destruction of the Enterprise in TSFS to mean something and I don't think we're nearly there yet for this retelling. She'll be battered, bruised and bleeding, but the old girl will save the day yet.

Besides, I'm fairly partial to this new design. I'm not ready for a new one just yet.
Some say that daylight savings time was implemented to give him another hour of track time and that he goes through Pon Farr every 7 seconds.

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