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Rare Photos: February 2013

So I've got a bit of a question for you all...

These rare photo specials have evolved over time. The way I do them, the volume of photos, the focus and/or diversity of subject matter. Well, beyond 2013 I'm not sure of the future of things in their current evolution. Mostly because their is a resounding lack of DS9, Voyager and Enterprise based material.

So my question is this: would it be better to scale back the rare photos to a less frequent basis OR to keep them coming monthly (beyond 2013) with the understanding that 80-90% of what you see is going to be TOS and TNG with only 10% for the rest?

Now that having been asked, if any of you happen to be sitting on a treasure trove of imagery from those shows you want to share... well then nevermind! LOL. But somehow where that the case, I imagine I'd have heard from you before now.

Anywho, onwards to the goodies:

2nd Row, Left: Either that's Andy Robinson (Garak) doing a lark of a photo for "First Contact", or they cast his stand-in with his make-up on...

3rd Row, Center: Patrick Stewart looking dashing on location for a season 2 episode. Who can name it?

4th Row, Center: A rare serious-looking Rom, circa season 5 or later.

6th Row, Right: Sulu and Uhura publicity photo from the Original Series.

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