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Seed is Pretty Funny.

30 something manchild is in an argument with his as yet not exgirlfriend about how to pronounce her name. He thinks it's "Brenda" and she thinks it's "Linda"...

Flip a coin already!

But during all that, a 10 year old boy knocks on the door and introduces himself as this 21st century Sam Malone's sperm doned love child...

Fish out of water, instant Dad, you've been to this rodeo before.

The boy has two moms.

Still not virgin territory

The next day his daughter turns up from a different donation looking for her daddy.

Okay, that's funny.

Then there's some drama.

They explained what a lipstick party was 10 years ago on Huff.


It's snigger funny more so than hawhaw funny, but eventually I quite liked most everything about this sitcom and I didn't spoil too much that isn't in the first 5 minutes... I doubt this could ever be the new Friends, but it could certainly be the new It's always Sunny in Philidelphia.

Worth a gander.
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