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Re: Female changeling stupid??

Lakarian City, 2 Million Dead.

Guess she figured holding a gun to Carassia's head would be enough to keep them fighting on their side until the end of the war.

Total Dead on Cardassia following the battle 850 Million +

Quite an effective gun at that, the Cardassian's calling her bluff costs them 100-150 Holocausts worth of retribution. Let's not forget the most important thing, the Female Changeling didn't really care if she conquered the Quadrant or ruled it or even lived, she just wanted to destroy as much as she could with the very small portion of the Dominion she brought with her, most of her ships and soldiers were constructed in the Alpha Quadrant...

She succeeded in that almost entirely. If it wasn't for Section 31 forcing her hand the losses would have been much higher, the Jem'hader would have kept on fighting right to the end.
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