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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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I'm considering playing the free to play version of this. I don't play games online so not sure what to expect. What sort of interaction do you have with other players? The few vids I've seen on youtube makes this look just like KoTOR and the like. Where does the online aspect come into it?
Camrem, I'm new to SWTOR myself. There are advantages to being "social" with other players. You want to group up at least a couple of times so you get level 1 in Social, which allows you to buy Social Armor. That armor has slots for adding modifications. Another reason for grouping is that some loot doesn't seem to drop unless you're in a group. Plus some of the bosses that would spank you if you're by yourself crumble when confronted with just a little additional firepower.

I have a Trooper (Commando) that is wearing all the social gear except the chestpiece, which is for the Esseles Trooper (also a modable piece). I hide the silly hat and do a color scheme sync and it looks okay. :-)

I have 2 characters on Red Eclipse, a PvE English speaking European server. PM me if you plan to play on that server and want to link up.
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