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Re: Which Uniforms Do You Prefer

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I thought it was so when they flipped the film for id-Kirk, he wouldn't have the insignia on the wrong side.
Until the DVD's "corrected" it, the opening shot of the planet set was flopped, with Kirk and Sulu's hair parted on the opposite sides. Kirk had no insignia and Sulu's was covered by the Space Spaniel, so we wouldn't notice. This was apparently done to make the set seem larger. Or something. The only thing to otherwise betray the trick was the writing on a box on a rock was backward. However, until the clarity of HD, we could never clearly see the label. SO now, it's flopped back, but not what was originally done back then. Just sayin'.
Usually such flops aren't "mistakes" per se but conscious editorial decisions to make eyelines or directional continuity work (see the end of The Way to Eden), which appears to be the case in The Enemy Within. The way it was changed by unflopping the opening shot, Kirk and Sulu look off camera right on hearing the crewman's cry and hurry off in that direction. In the subsequent shot, then enter from screen right heading left, which is technically a directional mismatch. So, the recent rework broke the directional continuity in order to "fix" something that was intentional on the editor's part.
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