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Re: The weakness of season 3

Yes, there are parts of s3 that are a little wanting but nowhere near as bad as s7.
The writing staff were so out of ideas by s7, they took many of the characters out of character, just to create a story. Repression, Lineage, Repentance, Prophecy, the Void, Friendship One, Natural Law & Renaissance Man dont even make any sense there so bad and the characters are so out of their personality profiles. Which is sad cause s7 would have been the perfect chance to work out the other characters they had neglected the the 3 seasons prior. I don't understand why they didnt do some type of story to wrap up the fate of the Maquis members instead of leaving
so open ended or reintroduce the Vadwaar as that
season villains.

I think I get more enjoyment watching Sarah Silverman(before she fucked Matt Damon. LOL!), Suzie Plakston calling Janeway a dog or Ethan Philips playing Neelix as a Ferengi than the majority of eps on s7.

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the first time i really disliked Janeway (not something you should generally want your audience to do) helping the Borg to destroy another race because we want to go home is fine (unless it's the Ocompa of course) they try to tell a story about individuality by bringing Janeway and Chakotay into conflict but all they achieved was actually making Janeway appear utterly erratic....even after Chakotay explains that the Borg attacked species 8472 first and tried to infiltrate their fluidic space.....Janeway still thinks her plan to help the Borg wipe them out is ya know, completely fine
Yes, I absolutely agree with you. I always had the same feelings when I watched Scorpion.
I didn`t understand that fans were able to agree with Janeway. They believed Chakotay couldn`t trust her. They believed that he was wrong.
He was wrong.
Species 8472 declared war on ALL of us. Once they defeated the Borg, they were going to rid our galaxy of all life. Garak & Sisko covered this in DS9, there is no compassion for an enemy in war. It's either you or them because they will not show compassion for you.
By Chakotay ending the deal with the Borg and after Species 8472 killed them off, guess who they'd be coming after next? His actions would have caused mass genocide in our galaxy. The Kazon didn't declare war on anybody, they just wanted water from the Ocampa and technology from us. They were a threat to nobody else beyond that. All they wanted was to kill other Kazon. They were too dumb to see beyond that or understand what type of technology they had.

Janeway's plan was smart, you make allies in war and prove you aren't weak. How could Chakotay be a Maquis leader an Starfleet trained and not know this basic strategy? Janeway didn't have Chakotays balls, cause he didn't have any or brains. It's probably why she never put his dumb ass in charge.
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