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Re: Patrick Stewart, Leonard Nimoy on NRA Enemy List

I'm wondering what the true agenda of these people really is.

As a political tactic, the "enemies list" is unconventional, to say the least. Ordinarily, those seeking to advance a political cause or candidate advertise endorsements for themselves, not their opponents. This huge list of celebrities and organizations that endorse sensible gun control should be an effective ad for such policies.

Similarly, Wayne LaPierre's high-profile testimony that they want to arm themselves in order to fight against law enforcement and the American government almost seems calculated to scare the hell out of mainstream Americans rather than win them over, especially coming right on the heels of Alex Jones' rant on Piers Morgan.

Such tactics suggest that legislative success is not their true goal. Maybe their goal is to make gun lovers feel outnumbered and cornered so they'll throw more money at the NRA. Or maybe they're just insane.
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