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cylkoth wrote: View Post
^ The awkward part of the dialogue had them asking what the figures lining the walls were...
Christopher wrote: View Post
One of them asked "Who are those?" in reference to all the Ranger figurines along the walls.
Ok. I have to disagree though that this means that he couldn't possibly have heard of PRs before. That he must be able to recognize them if he has heard of them is just an assumption.

cylkoth wrote: View Post
plus a main character having visions of the Legends war. They should've recognized that those were the previous Ranger teams who've save the planet for 18 near consecutive (SPD excluded) years!
Those two scenes (him waking up and being reminded of the dream by the figurines) do appear to vaguely imply that he had no idea what he was seeing in his dream, but not definitively.

Anyway, as dumb as the idea of one or two of them having heard of them but not knowing what they look like is, it's certainly more believable than the idea that they have never even heard of them before, right?

Hmmm, maybe I'm giving the writers a bit too much benefit of the doubt.
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