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Re: TMP Director's Edition Coming To Blu-ray

Trouble is that time marches on in the world of digital, and there MIGHT even be trouble finding machines that can read the old data. This matter of almost instantaneous obsolescence with respect to file formats sounds ridiculous, but has become an enormous issue in recent years.

Pretty much everything originated on digital or stored on digital begins to degrade (like a decaying orbit) unless the data is migrated regularly. The only way around this is to create copies on MOVIE FILM, specifically YCM separation masters, and if you're really that interested you can look all that up, that when properly stored are good for a century w/o decay. A whole lot of stuff that was originated on digital this century -- mainly TV stuff, plus low-budget features -- couldn't afford a film backup, so there are a lot of projects that may or may not have already experienced problems in this area. (see, and all you folks kept hearing 'film is dead.' Until there is a genuine longterm digital solution, not just storing in thin 'cloud' air, you'd better all pray Kodak stays solvent.)

The TMP DE vfx company was Foundation Imagining. When I tried looking them up just now, I found a company with the same name, but their website can't even spell 'aerial' properly. Turns out FI went out of business early in the run of Paramount's Lil ENTERPRISE series, its assets sold off more than a decade back. So the equipment to re-render the DE animation is ... where? Do you need a render farm to re-output the animation and do so in HD, or can anybody with an old Macintosh handle it? (I'm not being sarcastic here, I'm actually asking does anybody know?)

IF there really is an issue with being able to output the files, which must be about 13 years old at this point, it might be a blessing in disguise, since any 'upgrade' to TMP would require a new effort.

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