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Re: 2nd Annual Valentine's Day Extravaganza!

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
Guys, guys... let's get this thread back to its original purpose: rampant speculation about who's going to send you secret crushes!

I've already got a list lined up that I expect to receive messages from. It's okay if you do it anonymously, ladies. I'll figure it out.
Personally I think it's adorable when someone sends a pink rose, anonymously or named. There are always some really cute messages. It's just for fun and what a great way to brighten someone's day.

iguana_tonante wrote: View Post
Like last year, I'm game.

I also want people to know that even if I'm pretty awesome, they shouldn't feel bad about sending me flowers, chocolate, or money. I live to please.
I'll send you flowers and money, but I'm keeping the chocolate!

cooleddie74 wrote: View Post
I'll babysit your kids, wash your cars and crush your enemies....not necessarily in that order.

Let me help you. All I ask in return are tangy candies and caramels.
Oh Eddie, I don't even understand your post.

Zion Ravescene wrote: View Post
I've just realised that "Valentine's Day" can be abbreviated to "VD." In any case, I'm all for spreading the VD love anywhere I can.
You'd better participate this year! No more of this dancing on the sidelines.

In general, if you've sent me a request, be on the lookout for a PM verifying that I've got it logged. I have to wait till I'm on my proper computer to do it so it might take a day or two from the time you PM me. If I haven't responded to you by the 12th, please PM me again just to make sure I didn't miss your message!
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