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Re: Ronald D. Moore make new star trek tv show

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Had they taken the TOS path and included an extra layer of "enlightened beings", like the Ship of Lights and Count Iblis as being the chess-masters of the universe and the Head characters as their heralds, they still would have gotten a similar bang for their spiritual buck without going completely down the Deus ex Mahchina rabbit hole and employ the untenable God concept as a quick fix for all the world's problems.
I thought this might happen too. Wouldn't be my first choice, but I would certainly take it over the finished product.

I still think, to this day, that Babylon Five did the best job of addressing spiritual belief with respect. Don't think any other show has come close - maybe DS9, but distantly.
It was all right; JMS can be a little samey sometimes so lots of people saying, "I dunno, I'd like to, I was raised Jewish/Protestant/Foundationist," and the like. The best B5 religion thing is how Neroon screams, "But my heaaarrrtt is REEELLLLLLIGGGGIIIIIOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUSSSSSS!" Pretty good character overall; totally embarrassing moment.

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DS9 did it fine. The Prophets are wormhole aliens that have access to a wormhole and view time outside of linear form. It was the way BSG flat out drew a distinction between science and God magic that alienated me.
Yeah, the difference between how DS9 did it and BSG is huge. DS9 gave us a phenomneon and then showed how different people interpret it. BSG gave us disjointed plots and then "explained" Point A to Point B was because God willed it. Gimme a break.

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Brought back Starbuck
They totally used God-the-character as a cop-out for this clusterfuck of a plotline. Starbuck's death, resurrection, status angel who isn't Starbuck who's body is over there but is Starbuck cause she remembers the piano, and all that bullshit was a joke. It took what was a really good character circa S1-2 and turned her into a plot question mark (who is this Starbuck?! never explained really, was it actually Starbuck's consciousness or some kind of "angel" who believed it was Starbuck)/plot deus ex machina (how can remembering some random note sequence you wrote as a child help you find FTL coordinates to an identical world; err, God did it!).
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