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Re: Dukat character - writer's mess?!

While I wasn't 100% thrilled with exactly how it was done, I found the premise of the Pah Wraith arc very compelling and even in its own way believable. What happened is that - as genuinely happens - Dukat was given a choice of good or evil. He choose the Pah Wraiths - they didn't force him - and in choosing them, he knowingly chose the path of evil. I agree that the glowing red eyes were over the top but a lot of the rest of it was very compelling, I thought. That episode (can't remember the name) where he preached to his followers was fantastic - creepy, horrifying and yet rooted in reality. It alone was almost enough to make that arc worthwhile.

Oh, and may I add that I agree that some paragraph breaks would have done wonders for your post, Dal? That wall o' text is particularly unreadable on my tablet, on which it looks almost as dense as the US tax code.

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