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Re: (SPOILERS!) About the SuperBowl Trailer...

While the Enterprise may look like a goner, I feel she'll take a shitload of damage but limp along to the end, like in WOK. With all it goes thru it still survives, saves the day, and is established finally as THE hero ship, Kirk's ship, OUR ship.

In the plot of the film with Starfleet turncoats possibly sabotaging the fleet I think other ships will come crashing down to Earth, (like airplanes into World Trade Centers) the onslaught of falling fleets may be responsible for all the damage we see to Earth's cities, as an anti-starfleet metaphor, but not our Enterprise... it will endure.

She'll be repaired, upgraded. A chance to build new sets, redesigned engine rooms and bridge. Maybe even upgraded nacelles. But it will still be the same Enterprise, stronger then ever and ready to do it all again.

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