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Re: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo sequel might happen without Craig

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It's kind of funny how the low budget Swedish film adaptations of these books pretty much had zero problems being made compared to the big budget Hollywood versions.
That's not an accurate comparison at all.

First of all the books are huge in Sweden, so it was a safe bet that the movies would be hits. Second of all, the movies were huge successes, all three of them. Plus the films were a bit cheaper to make.

For some reason they decided to throw a huge amount of money at the American version expecting it to be a hit. It did modest business, but nothing as huge as the budget warranted.

Now as for this news of no Craig, I have no problem with them recasting, but to try adapt the second novel and write out Blomkvist is just a hugely idiotic move, and will kill any interest I have in the movie (Girl who played with Fire is my favorite of the three books, incidentally).
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