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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Vulcan Academy Murders by Jean Lorrah. I've always wondered why writers feel the constant need for Vulcans to "humanize" themselves in order to endear themselves to the audience whether that be as an ally or an antagonist. It's always annoyed me that it seemed like humans had this knack for getting emotions out of Vulcans in situations that I think really shouldn't be beyond Vulcan control.

Some examples.
1. The way Archer seemed to "piss off" Soval at times.
2. Sisko and the crew getting the old Vulcan classmate all pissed off over a baseball game. This one is the worst, I've been subjected to trash talk from bitter rivals in high school and was able to supres any emotional response. You're telling me this seasoned Vulcan can't?
3. Kirk causing Sendet to get snippy in the novel I mentioned above when he adds him to his list of suspects.
4. T'Pol just throws everything out the window on Enterprise so I don't even know if she is worth bringing up.
5. Spock did a great job throughout TOS but seemed like a participant at open mic night at the local comedy club in the later movies.

Just something I noticed when reading this book.

The reason I say this is because Data was able to retain his stoic demeanor throughout the entire TNG series while remaining a dynamic character. Why couldn't they just have a rigid Vulcan that can maintain emotional control throughout?
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