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Re: Was watching the movie "Virus" and...(I promise this is on topic m

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You know, I edited the novelization of that movie, but I have never actually seen the film . . . .
92mil and it doesn't even look like 30.

Some terrific miniature wave tank stuff, some moviesaving CG from Tippett (a necessary 11th hour move because the full-size main robot wasn't able to get around at all), the aforementioned good creature/bot work (I called my article about it "building a better borg" which got the director angry for some reason), and the most by-the-numbers movie you'll ever see. Took me FOUR DAYS to get all the way through the screening copy, but at least I didn't have to pay to see it in a theater.

I didn't think the graphic novel it was based upon was anything special, but the movie seems like WING COMMANDER by comparison (funnily enough, both movies produced by Todd Moyer, a rather scary intense eyes-bulging-wide-all-the-time kind of guy who thought he was going to make a BATTLESTAR PEGASUS movie as a followup to WC, and who is currently suing Brendan Fraser for having beaten him up.)
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