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Re: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo sequel might happen without Craig

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It's kind of funny how the low budget Swedish film adaptations of these books pretty much had zero problems being made compared to the big budget Hollywood versions.
The Swedish versions, however, come off as extremely low budget. The American remake of the first novel was very well done.
Indeed. The Swedish adaptations, I believe, were in fact actually television movies that were later released theatrically.

There's a whole hell of a leap in terms of money, time, effort and general quality that exists between that kind of production and an actual film produced for cinematic, theatrical release.

If they do write out the Blomkvist character in Girl Who Played with Fire, you lose his entire storyline. The two characters don't even meet in the novel until the final chapter. It would need to be re-told in some other fashion, as it is critical to the plot. Not impossible, but exceptionally difficult.
Agreed. Just as much of the action in "Fire" is motivated by the murders that take place and their connection to Blomkvist and Millennium. Half of what Salander does in the book would otherwise make no sense if those elements were written out.
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