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Re: Expecting Trailer?/Super Bowl Trailer is Live Now [SPOILERS]

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A 700m starship colliding with Earth could cause planet wide devastation. We can only hope they are able to soften the landing

Its *so* easy to destroy life on a planet that stuff like the death star is not necessary. Simply accelerate a small object to sufficient speed at a planet and its good bye planet. Thanks e=mc2 ! All Federation planets should have a planetary shield to absorb such things.

Also I would not like to be anywhere near a crashed starship if the anti-matter containment field dies.
This is correct. It's also not what 98.5% of those watching the movie will be thinking. But it is absolutely correct and raises an interesting in-universe question about the efficacy of having these starships fly around in atmospheres (and under oceans) in the first place. Still, we are the 1.5%. The other 98.5% get awed by a kewl crash. The rest of us wonder about anti-matter containment fields.
Yup. I am aware that the laws of physics must be ignored for the sake of kewl 'splosions

I wonder what the Enterprise would do if it just stayed at full impulse on a collision course with a planet? I reckon the planet would be obliterated. Impulse is pretty darn fast :P As for warping into a planet well I reckon it would just make an enterprise shaped hole all the way thru
700m does not necessarily mean sufficient MASS to do catastrophic damage to the planet. A small asteroid may have more mass than a 700m starship.

You need to find out the metric tonnage of the starship and the speed at the time of impact.
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