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Re: Sci-Fi TV Shows that you're pretty sure only you watched.

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I remember a pilot movie that aired in 1994 on the Prime Time Entertainment Network, called Island City. It starred Kevin Conroy. I had seen Batman TAS prior to this, though I can't recall if at the time I recognized his name or voice.

Speaking of cities , there was a short lived show on CBS several years back on CBS I watched called Century City, which was basically just a legal drama with a futuristic setting (the year 2030).

Caliburn24 wrote: View Post
Hmm, no mention of Cartoon Network's brief foray into live action? Tower Prep.

I was the only one watching that show. I knew it!
I watched the pilot, but it didn't really capture my interest.

TP though isn't CN's "brief foray" into live-action. The network has made several live-action productions over the years, two of which are part of their current lineup.
I remember SEEING Island City but nothing else about it. Might need to track it down.
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