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I...feel I've missed a bit here. Not surprising considering I do not frequent this board as much as I used to. Am I to understand that you are no longer married?
In the process of getting a divorce. Won't be finalized till this summer at the earliest.
Join the club. Ex-wife came home after dropping her folks off at the airport when they visited us holiday time late '11. Said she was leaving out of the blue. Actually, she called and said she had filed for divorce a year ago today, which was a load of fun after watching my team poop themselves in the Super Bowl a few hours prior. We agreed to expedite things as much as possible, since the whole situation sucks, and were divorced by mid-April.

I was blindsided, felt like the biggest piece of shit in town. She had someone lined up before she even gave me the papers. It's like breaking up x100 plus all the legal shit involved.

Eventually, you just get to a part where you remember the good times, wonder what could have been, and gloss over the rest. It's been 15 months or so, and I finally feel like I could date someone again without the added baggage.

I had no idea how I would get through all of it, but am ready to meet a farmer's daughter or two when I move to the midwest in the coming weeks and get a new start on life.
I'm glad you're doing better and are in a place to move on. Best of luck with your move!
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