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Re: The bridge sets from TNG.

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Even while the set was still standing, it wasn't always used for other Galaxy-class ships (see the Odyssey on DS9). I'm not surprised they didn't pony up to go do what's essentially location shooting for "Timeless".
In the case of the Odyssey, TNG had already wrapped on "All Good Things" by the time DS9 started on "The Jem'Hadar", but the bridge set was busy being refurbed for the GEN shooting and was not available. So DS9 trotted out and slapped together their "guest bridge" set (previously used as the bridges of the Saratoga, Norkova, and Prometheus, and itself cannibalized from pieces of the TFF/TUC bridge set), built a simple "horseshoe" console / railing, and shot it that way.

It's not like we saw that many guest Galaxy-class ships anyway (Yamato DID re-use the set) but it would've been nice to see that set in action again. Thing is, if we are ever to see it on an official Trek production again, it could be easier by that point to create a virtual set and greenscreen actors in for a guest shot; so the design may eventually come alive again someday.

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