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Re: Which novel or series have you re-read the most?

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Warpath. I still don't really understand Kira's visions though, but have tried a lot, given that it seems to all be allusions to the Ascendant invasion we haven't seen as of yet. Is the Parek Tonn fortress supposed to represent Deep Space 9 or the wormhole? Are the animals the Bajora use supposed to represent runabouts, as they are anagrams of runabout names?
I always assumed Parek Tonn represented DS9, as I believe there's mention of it being Kira's own fortress taken from her, but you might easily substitute it for the wormhole and it would fit all the same. The runabout names don't really contribute anything in particular, but it was a nice touch...

As for re-reading, while we're on the subject... the DS9 Relaunch. At least 4 or 5 times for the books up to Mission Gamma - it's becoming a struggle to keep the spines looking nice on the shelf. Outside of DS9, at least 3 times or more:
  • Articles of the Federation
  • Titan: Orion's Hounds
  • New Earth: Wagon Train to the Stars, and Challenger
  • The final 3 volumes of A Time to ...

Outside of Trek... I re-read the Wheel of Time series in preparation for the last volume, which took me the better part of last year, lol.
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