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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I never thought of this before, but I really like it! I am sure it was not intentional on the parts of the writers (I think you're right in that his character developed away from the gimmicks, and that Worf'sParmach is right in that it was a budget thing too), but it sure makes a great connection!

Along the same lines, the writing for Laas makes good use of the Trek tendency toward having endless varieties of forehead aliens. They're not really all that alien, but Odo and the changelings are.

There are a lot of really good subtle touches like that in this episode. For example, the fact that the Klingons are willing to resort to legal measures. With another Trek race, you might expect that, but the fact that it's the Klingons underscores the prejudice involved. You can tell it makes Worf uncomfortable in that scene.

Also the way the Bajoran security guard doesn't hesitate to let Kira talk to Laas in spite of her relationship with Odo.
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