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Sakrysta wrote: View Post
So, to keep from completely derailing the desk top thread, I'm posting pictures of my My Little Pony collection here. This was actually fun, because a) I got to find where I had stored them, 2) I got to take them all out and admire them again, and c) I had an excuse to look up all the names I couldn't remember.

Bubbles, Applejack, Medley, Boysenberry Pie

Original 6 plus Lemon Drop from the Show Stable
Snuzzle, Blue Belle, Cotton Candy, Minty, Blossom, Butterscotch

Back row: Baby Cuddles (you can see her better in the next picture along with her buggy), Satin 'n' Lace, Coat (Tux) 'n' Tails, Seawinkle
Front Row: Clipper (you can see him better in the next picture), Squirmy, Baby Surprise, Baby Noddins, Whirly, High Flier

Back row: Baby Cuddles in her buggy, Satin 'n' Lace, Coat (Tux) 'n' Tails
Front Row: Ember, Lucky the Stallion, Clipper, Squirmy, Baby Surprise

Okay, so when I was a little girl, I was a member of the My Little Pony Fan Club. I loved my ponies. I still do. Whenever you bought a pony in the store, there were points on the package that you could collect and use toward special, club-only mail-order ponies. Ember was the first baby pony. Lucky the Stallion was the first boy pony. I'm pretty sure Clipper was club-exclusive too, and maybe Baby Surprise and Tux 'n' Tails. I had the Show Stable - I think it might have been a Christmas present one year that started the collection.

Of the original six, I had five. For a long time I thought I had all six because Lemon Drop looked like she belonged in the team. It wasn't until the Internet that I realized I didn't have Snuzzle. I found her later - I think at a flea market.

I think Lemon Drop is my favorite. She was always the one in charge when I played. I loved Medley because she had gorgeous hair. I think she was the first one I got that had curly hair. Ember and Lucky were big favorites too. I thought it was cool that I had ponies that no one else I knew had.
Those are wonderful! I recognized Applejack right away!

Look at all those terrific ponies! No wonder you were such a fan. They all seem to be special in their own way. Thank you for sharing your ponies, Sakrysta.
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