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This is one of DS9's best imo. It's unusual in that a lot of DS9's finest hours go against the grain of Trek's main themes of embracing difference, cooperation between species, and a sort of optimistic vision of humanity's ability to overcome prejudice, and so on.

This episode, on the other hand, is 100% Trek in that regard, but it does it in a way that is very simple, understated, and ultimately more profound than Trek usually is when it tries to do this type of thing.

It also manages to do it via what is basically a love story, something Trek is historically bad at.

If I were Echevarria, I think I would be very proud of it.

It also has a lasting impact on the rest of the season because the emotional depth established here for Kira and Odo provides some of the strongest material in the final arc (much better than the Ezri/Worf/Bashir hijinks).
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