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Re: NuTrek spinoff series: you're the producer

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No one cares

Again No one cares.

Again, No one cares.
Speak for yourself.

By the way, you sound like a broken record.

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How about one cancelled Trek show, one flopped Trek film, and ratings that show the people stopped giving a crap about Star Trek gradually since after TNG to the point said Trek show was cancelled.
Well, the studio bosses are to blame. Trek definitely needed a pause after Voyager, and none of that would have happened. And we probably wouldn't have this crappy sort-of-reboot now.

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watch more TOS
FYI, AbramzTrek is not TOS.

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Not if you want to actually make money off of it, which is what old Trek stopped doing.
Why, it's possible to make a good quality sci-fi Trek show and make money off of it. The right people need to be hired.

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At which point we probably get a new reboot

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Which is exactly what this canon crap people keep going on about is meaningless minutia.
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