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Re: Charlie Brooker's Wiping again

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^And his column in The Guardian is usually worth a read...

Charlie Brooker wrote:
Because I'm no longer 13 years old, I haven't really paid much attention to teenywink Canadian singing sensation Justin Bieber since he was first hammered into the collective unconscious like a nail of frozen piss into a cabbage, but I've just seen a photo of him and God, he's grown. He's now 36 years old and is played by a gangling miscast Jim Carrey action figure. And none of his costumes fit any more, which means he has to take to the stage wearing trousers that only come down to his knees and a child-size baseball cap optimistically Pritt-sticked to his hairdo.
... Even the old ones; I'm currently reading my copy of "Dawn of the Dumb".
I want "I Can Make You Hate." But I might have to go back and read his older ones.
It's a really good collection in that one. I actually got it signed by the man himself the day it came out. He was struggling to be offensive enough so just wrote 'You shit!" and signed the title page. Legend. All his bile is clearly reserved for clips of things like Splash and those American gun adverts.
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