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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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The only time the sound quality bugged me was with the first GNP release. The tapes for The Cage and WNMHGB were in such bad shape, it was just a little too shrill for me. It didn't help that the score were out there to begin with. Now they're soooo much nicer and easier on the ears.
Shrill is not a bad description. They weren't horrendous but the new ones are much much nicer.

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Now that I'm hearing The Cage score in such great quality and clarity, rather than the smear-a-thon we've lived with since the mid-80's, I can detect a soprano during the credits. I never heard that voice before, which is a real eye (or ear) opener.
Wow, that's got to be quite an experience. I always could hear the vocal, even on the GNP. OTOH, I discovered with TMP that there were some times where I would say "Oh WOW I could never hear that before!" Then I'd go listen to an earlier recording and discover that I could hear it, I just hadn't given the old recordings the laser-like focus I've given these.

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Awesome enjoy. I guess we're kinda done talking about the TOS set.
...or, you can ask yourselves:

1. Which season's music says "Star Trek" to you more than the rest--or do they equally represent that feeling/thought?
2. Do you think TOS' music is the greatest ever composed for the ST franchise?
3. Among the best--or the best score ever composed in TV history?
1. Season 1. Hands down. For one thing look at season three and see how much of 2 they re-recorded vs. how much of 1 they were STILL using. But to me Charlie X IS Star Trek. There is certainly a lot more, don't get me wrong. But if you only had Charlie X you'd have a very good representation of the whole show. More so (IMHO) than any other score.

2. No. I love it, but the movies are going to win that fight. But after that? Yes, TOS all the way.

3. I'll waffle on that one. I'm too close to it to really make an unbiased judgement. Lost and nuBSG are pretty darn good. And that Gold fellow scores the heck out of Doctor Who. But I can't think of any other show I'd drop $200 for at a chunk.
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