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Re: Expecting Trailer?/Super Bowl Trailer is Live Now [SPOILERS]

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A 700m starship colliding with Earth could cause planet wide devastation. We can only hope they are able to soften the landing

Its *so* easy to destroy life on a planet that stuff like the death star is not necessary. Simply accelerate a small object to sufficient speed at a planet and its good bye planet. Thanks e=mc2 ! All Federation planets should have a planetary shield to absorb such things.

Also I would not like to be anywhere near a crashed starship if the anti-matter containment field dies.
This is correct. It's also not what 98.5% of those watching the movie will be thinking. But it is absolutely correct and raises an interesting in-universe question about the efficacy of having these starships fly around in atmospheres (and under oceans) in the first place. Still, we are the 1.5%. The other 98.5% get awed by a kewl crash. The rest of us wonder about anti-matter containment fields.
While I understand the idea of small objects at extremely high speeds and their accompanying kinetic energy, I fail to see why a 700m (or 1200m, for that matter) starship would have to be responsible for an ELE, apart from the aforementioned anti-matter issue. The terminal velocity of a ship that size would be quite low, comparatively speaking, and she likely has at the very least maneuvering thrusters to slow her descent further. We'd essentially be looking at similar destruction to a 747 belly-flopping on the tarmac, adjusted for mass, of course.
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