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Re: Poor Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru... Oh Well!

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I don't think we should assume all Council members are at an equal level of ability.
Then what are they doing on the Council? Even Padawan Obi-Wan seemed to be stronger in various Force abilities than Mundi.

The ones who went up against Sidious in ROTS basically sucked.
that's bad, convenient writing from Lucas. They all stood there, ignited lightsabers becasue they expected a fight from a Sith, yet they were caught off guard when Sidious lands in front of them? Not one tried to leap over the enemy (just about every Jedi does that, including trainee Luke in TESB), but there they stood, all huddled together, which any from prevented delivering strikes--other than Sidious a few feet away.

All Lucas manafed to do was make the Jedi appear clueless. The second Mace and his crack team of coffin-fillers entered the room, they should have skipped the grand announcement (really? They needed to give him the cue he was looking for by stating intent?), and used Jedi speed to surround Sidious. That would have (at least) made his choice of attack more difficult than the amusement park-like targeting standees we watched in the actual scene.
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