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Re: NuTrek spinoff series: you're the producer

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The old Star Trek continuity lives on in books, and that's all. It's never ever going back on television. From now on it's either the current continuity, the one which originated in Star Trek, or another reboot. Hollywood will not abandon something that works (back-to-basics Trek) in favor of something which has run its course and has been cancelled (old Trek).
It's not "old" continuity, it's the continuity.
No one cares

The one and only in Trek.
Again No one cares.

One cancelled Trek show doesn't mean the end of that original continuity,
How about one cancelled Trek show, one flopped Trek film, and ratings that show the people stopped giving a crap about Star Trek gradually since after TNG to the point said Trek show was cancelled.

which, after all, is where Star Trek shows and films were set during their 40+ years existence.
Again, No one cares.

AbramsTrek does not represent any norm or standard for Trek.
watch more TOS

It's one thing to make a summer popcorn flick for the masses, and it's a completely another thing to make a permanent TV show.
Not if you want to actually make money off of it, which is what old Trek stopped doing.

Yes, the original Trek continuity also lives on in books etc., but it will certainly continue in a new Trek show once it's made in the future.

But first we have to say au revoir to Abr-Kur-Orc.
At which point we probably get a new reboot [BECUASE NO ONE CARES ABOUT MEANINGLESS MINUTIA!

Which is exactly what this canon crap people keep going on about is meaningless minutia.
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