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Re: Now That John Logan Has Proven Himself, What Went Wrong With Nemes

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Just for fun I recently ripped my Blu-Ray copy on to my PC and spent about four hours doing a straight up rough cut edit of the movie. Nothing like The Phantom Edit just a slice-and-dice and I managed to keep the main story intact while totally removing the B-4 story all together.
How? Picard's escape from the Scimitar depends entirely on the B-4 subplot.
But than again, the entire movie depends on Picard being an action hero. They could have written that he simply picked the lock to his restraints with his nails. Makes about as much sense as seeing him wield a disrupter rifle in one hand and a disruptor pistol in the other while running in a dark hallway and still have better aim than the Remans. Those aliens who are bred for war......

Picard has played the role of action guy before, rather recently at that point in FC and INS. He'd also done it in episodes like "starship mine." Just because it's not a side of him we saw a lot doesn't mean that it was never a part of him. He's a starship captain, he should know how to fight. Having him take on Shinzon and the Remans instead of Data though, THAT was ridiculous.
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