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Re: Star Ship Polaris

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Big, long ships, with tons of space for adding weapons and armor and shield generators would probably be amongst the mainstays of the THA fleet, even at the waning of the war.
Shield generators? What are those?

Shield Generators are the method of energy shield generation primarily used in the Star Wars galaxy. I guess I was really in a Star Wars state of mind when I was elaborating on how the Trans Human Authority could be a lot like the Confederacy of Independent Systems, specifically pertaining to their fleet.

Where as Star Trek vessels generate their shields I guess through a series of energy emitter grids, either a series of layers of hot and cold plasma, or controlled gravimetric fields, Star Wars vessels emit these energy fields through some sort of generators or nodes. I cannot say for certain how they work, but I've assumed for quite some time that they channel out of these generators and surround the entire ship in a protective bubble or screen.

I suppose how vessels in the Polaris universe generate shields, if at all, depends on you, or who ever makes decisions about these sorts of details. Though I remember watching an educational program about future space travel, and coils that generate plasma were mentioned, which NASA is researching right now.

Oh, and neat starship by the way. I like how the tri-hulled bow of the ship resembles the hull of a Star Destroyer, but also twists it into something completely different.
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