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Re: Now That John Logan Has Proven Himself, What Went Wrong With Nemes

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Just for fun I recently ripped my Blu-Ray copy on to my PC and spent about four hours doing a straight up rough cut edit of the movie. Nothing like The Phantom Edit just a slice-and-dice and I managed to keep the main story intact while totally removing the B-4 story all together.
How? Picard's escape from the Scimitar depends entirely on the B-4 subplot.
When I mean removing the B-4 story I literally meant every scene that involves B-4 and the alteration of any scene where the name is brought up (oddly enough this was only once when Data was trying to convince Picard that he and Shinzon are not one and the same).

It isn't a seamless cut if you are really paying attention but you don't notice a single change to the core and focus of the story. It really plays as a packed TV episode.
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