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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 4

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Okay, here's a question. Maybe I've missed it along the way (because I'll admit this show is usually on but large parts are background noise for me sometimes), but why couldn't Klaus, the big bad hybrid Original just compel Damon in the opposite direction from Kol and neutralize the compulsion that way? I mean, they seem to be able to compel the brains out of anybody else, so why not?
Good point - I don't think the show has really ever dealt with "counter compulsion" (for a lack of better term).

Once "compelled" the show seems to go with -
1. Complete the compelled action and be released.
2. Compeller releases the compelled.
3. Put them in a box. I think that was a new one.

Klaus wanted put Kol in storage and end the compulsion. Klaus probably wanted that route instead of "counter compulsion" since Kol defied him. It may have been more punitive and personally satisfying for a man that just loves toting his family around in boxes.

I think the overriding compulsion is the original one, but it can be countermanded.

For example, the man captured by Rebecca and Stefan killed himself rather than let the vervain in his sytem wear off. Whoever compelled him foresaw his potential capture and ended any complications that would arise from said capture by having him off himself before the vervain cycled out and he could be compelled again. (I vote Katherine.)
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