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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Confessions and Lamentations - This was a good episode. Aliens bring a mysterious plague onto B5, and the doctor has to try to find a cure. The disease and the reason why it was spreading, along with the alien government trying to ignore it, was interesting. The aliens letting the superstition that the disease only effects immoral people stop them from really acknowledging it or trying to cure it was unusual, and definately not very logical (not that an alien race has to be logical, or in this case have any common sense). I do wonder why the medical staff of a space station don't have some kinbd of biohazard suit to infect contamination. That stuff exists in real life, and it could atleast have helped the doctors not catch the disease, if it had turned out to effect many species. If they do have them, then they weren't mentioned or shown this episode. The alien kid was annoying, like most child actors are. I half expected the ending on B5, where the aliens would all die, leaving Delenn and her aide to be the only survivors. I didn't expect the whole civilization to die, basically because they were so stupid they refused to believe that the disease was just a disease, and insisted that it only infected immoral people. This was a good episode, with an interesting ending.

Also, I only have 4 episode left, but I ordered season 3 today, so in a week or two I'll have the next season I'm definately enjoying this show a lot (I'd say right now its #5 of my favorite Sci Fi series, after: ST, SW, Firefly and SG1), and want to see more.
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