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Re: Is the Playstation 4 About to be announced??

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So what you say about Microsoft winning next gen may very well be true, but its not like Microsoft's success with Xbox 360 was because they were so awesome. They benefitted mostly from mistakes made by Sony and they only managed to dominate US marketshare while Sony still dominates the rest of the world.
Why are you excluding the Wii? Nintendo dominated all three markets.
They did indeed and may very well again... but the success of the Wii was based in the gimmick of motion gaming. Unless some similar killer software comes out to help the second screen experience gaming, I don't see them doing it again with hardware that's basically an entire generation behind.
That's not really true. The gimmick helped, but the Wii's success wasn't based solely or even mostly on that. Instead, it succeeded largely due to price and appeal to more casual gamers. It's the "family console," and had a lot of games designed to be played by up to four people. Sony and Microsoft had the hardcore market locked up between them, so Nintendo wisely went after an entirely different demographic. It paid off big time for them.

They don't seem to be modifying that strategy substantially this generation, either, they've just added some more social features, new peripherals, and somewhat better graphics hardware. They're still going after the cost-conscious casual market.
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