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Re: Expecting Trailer?/Super Bowl Trailer is Live Now [SPOILERS]

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I'm thinking it's air escaping from the ship, the ship looks like she lost power and has numerous hull breaches so there could be loss of air.

Or it could be smoke from inside as well.
Air wouldn't vent into bubble shapes like what you see in the trailer. It's clear water bubbling out from use of the Fire Suppression Systems at the hull breach at the front of the saucer.
I have to say that would take extreme attention to detail if that's true. Someone producing or creating the CGI would have to think as deeply as, "We need to show liquid from the fire suppression system leaking from the Enterprise as she falls through the atmosphere." They'd think that far, but get the UK flag wrong?

My guess is it's like a condensation trail made from the heat of of the fires at those points on the hull. A similar thing seems to be happening on the front of the damaged nacelle.
Oh, THOSE "bubbles"; I thought the reference was to the odd visual distortion around the registry and ship name.

I agree, those look more like some sort of condensation or particle trail from her contacting the upper atmosphere, before the smoke can really start billowing.
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