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Re: Starfleet Command Insignia

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But, isn't Wesley the only officer whose insignia we get a good look at on the Lexington? I always thought that he wore the flower because he was normally assigned to starbase/space station, but he was in command of the battle fleet in wargames against the M5. If that was the case, then we never see the Lexington insignia. Now the question would then become, where was the captain of the Lexington, and that I have no answer for.
That space station in "The Ultimate Computer" was already under the jurisdiction of Commodore Enwright. To think that Robert Wesley replaced the Lexington's captain in a training exercise (!) that had been tested in previous simulations (!) would constitute quite a mobbing career blow to the actual captain. I'd rather like to think that this hadn't been the case.

Maybe there was no captain of the Lexington? Perhaps she had been or was being readied for some type of refit and pulled for the M-5 experiment because she wasn't being used elsewhere? Perhaps Wesley was it's former captain and was recently promoted then pulled some strings to get back into the captain's chair for the M-5 trials?
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