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Re: Timeframe question - Tom Baker Era

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I think the modern shows and tie-ins are generally agnostic on the UNIT timeframe.
"I used to work for UNIT in the 1970s. Or was it the 80s?"

Seriously though, I think the new series assumes UNIT stories were set in the years they aired, to hell with original intent and continuity concerns. Certainly, Jo Grant's appearance in SJA seems to imply The Green Death did take place in 1973. And in The Snowmen, the London Underground map the Doctor had was taken from 1967, when Web of Fear originally aired.
The Sarah Jane Adventures comes down pretty clearly on the 68(Invasion)-75(Zygons) side thanks to the various references to Sarah's childhood, and how old she was in which years, in the various Trickster episodes. They put her birth at 1950, so Invasion of the Dinosaurs must be 1973-ish (she gives her age as 23 when she's arrested). Of course, that doesn't rule out the possibility that it's then seven years till Pyramids of Mars...
The new series does have several references suggesting that UNIT was founded in 1968 (eg: President Winters's reference to the UN treaties on alien contact), but they're finessable (and would put Invasion a little later, as UNIT's been watching Vaughn's operations for some time). As is the 1975 Cyberhead in Van Stratten's museum - obviously it's meant as an Invasion reference, but as it's the wrong design of helmet, it could be from an unseen Cyberstory.
Similarly, the tin in The Snowmen doesn't prove anything either way, just that the Doctor got the tin in 1967. The thing that is certain is that there's 'a good four years' between Web and Invasion, so if Web is 1967 then Invasion is 1971/72 (depending on whether Web is late or early in the year: the Christmas posters on the underground stations show it was November/December when the crisis began), so a few years ahead, though not as many as usually suggested. If Invasion is contemporary, in 1968, then Web has to be set in Winter 63/64!
And if you take the "1935, more than 40 years ago!" lines in Web of Fear as gospel, then even the 1980 reference from Pyramids is far, far too early!

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Of course the presense of Kate Stewart messes up the Unit dating thing even more.
How so?
She was a child in Downtime and I remember the thread at Outpost Gallifrey to where he age now was figured out and she's too old somehow.
No, she was a young mother with an eight year old child in Downtime. Probably late 20s, so she's maybe born around 1967 (so either a baby or a schoolgirl when her father's career takes an unexpected turn), and would be in her mid 40s by Power of Three.
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