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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

....aha! it works!
Hi there everyone. I've been reading discussions on this site for the past 2 and a half years and finally decided to join in November. Messed up registration procedure, success on 2nd attempt! So here I am...
Truth be told I was extremely reluctant way back when EVER to watch Star Trek anything. I had the quite widespread image that stuff like that was for social misfits who spend all day talking to computers but need two stiff drinks before saying hello to a fellow human being and would probably spontaneously ejaculate if a woman so much as smiled at them; and I was damned if I'd have people think I was in that category by admitting to watching Trek and liking it... Well what can I say?
Most of the people on this site seem to be quite normal so I'm happy to be cured of my preconceptions (grin). It was some mates at uni who got me onto TNG, by insisting they plonk me down in front of it, and I was initially sold purely on the acting qualities of Patrick Stewart. I thought, well if he's in it, this can't be such rubbish after all. Watched a few episodes, quite liked it, didn't fall in love yet. Then a couple years ago I was staying at a hotel over in Germany unable to sleep and watching TNG re-runs at half three in the morning, sort of as background, like having the radio on. Then the episode "Ensign Ro" came on and had me instantly hooked. The whole Bajoran-Cardassian thing and the background that was hinted at really fired up my imagination and it went from there. First thing back home, looked up the terms on the net... found out that DS9 dealt with the topic in more depth... ended up buying first the last two seasons of TNG, then bit by bit the entire run of both series... then a few books... The quality of many of the storylines and the calibre of the acting absolutely won me over. In fact I've got so infatuated that I'm currently in my 'professional capacity' working on an anthology of short stories dealing with the occupation and what came after.
So, I still wouldn't call myself a Trekkie for fear people should think I walk around in fancy dress and will spout Klingon grammar at them, but I am unashamedly a massive fan by now!! Come on, you lot, everyone pour themselves a virtual drink at my expense... I'm glad to be sitting at the table! Cheers!
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