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Re: Idea for New Series

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I don't want to nitpick, because your post is genuinely interesting, but in what way would a 25th century series be different from a 24th or a 23rd century series? Every time someone says anything about the 25th century in Star Trek, all they want is more of the same with a fresh coat of technobabble.
The key would be to do something new, to change things up like DS9 did, perhaps a series based around two starships or a small fleet exploring some unexplored area of space or maybe something like the Vanguard series. Also, treknobabble solutions would have to be kept to a bare minimum.

A return to the spirit of the The Original Series would be important as well. This is not to put down any of the other series however. Still, a revamped return to basics is a critical part of making such a concept work.

Also, the main ship shouldn't be called Enterprise. However, it would be wise to have the Enterprise F or Enterprise G appear and perhaps have some recurring role.

I would also make the series less episodic than TOS, TNG, and Voyager. I'm not sure if season long arcs would necessarily be the way to go, but certainly multi-episode arcs would be a good idea with a few stand alones for extra flavoring and so new audience members wouldn't get too confused coming in or should they miss an episode.

Last but not least, the series has to be character focused. Within the first five or so episodes, the audience has to be enthralled by the characters. To help do this, it would probably be wise to have only four or five main characters, but lots of recurring roles.

Something else, it would be a good idea in-universe to modify the ban on genetic engineering to allow genetic defects to be corrected and limited augmentation when medically necessary. (Though the ban may not be as strict as implied in DS9 and Enterprise as evidenced by a few episodes of TNG and that Doctor Bashir wasn't forced out of Starfleet in addition to his dad being sent to prison.)

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