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Re: Sci-Fi TV Shows that you're pretty sure only you watched.

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The one thing that never worked for me on that show is why did Frank have to fix everything? Why didn't he just go back in time, deliver the information to whoever was in command and then go back to his room? His qualification was that he could survive the backstep process, not that he was the only person that could solve whatever the issue of the week was.

(I know, I know, because then we wouldn't have a show, but still...)
Seven Days had a lot of conceptual problems. What bothered me was how they faced a different cataclysmic threat every week. If cataclysmic threats were that commonplace, how did the world survive before there was a Backstep program? Or, alternatively, why did cataclysms suddenly become so much more frequent immediately after a program designed to prevent them came into being?

Basically, the idea of a time-travel system only meant to be used in the direst emergencies would've made more sense as the occasional movie rather than a series with 22 episodes a year.
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