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Re: Super Bowl Entertainment - Halftime, National Anthem, Commercials,

The kids chorus was definitely moving.

The National Anthem was fine, I guess. By that time I was so America'd Out that I just wanted the game to start.

The commercials were pretty lame this year, IMHO. There weren't too many that stood out. The Paul Rudd/Seth Rogan one was okay. And of course Psy doing it Pistachio Style....

As for Beyonce...I don't listen to her music and only know what I hear from snippets here and there in commercials, etc. I was surprised by how a-melodic and jerky her songs were. No flow to them at all, and she barely sings. She's obviously talented, and the show was technically impressive, but other than that it was a big WTF to this old man.

As it should be, the game was actually the most entertaining part of the day.

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